meet jocelyn

I’m Jocelyn, a twenty-something Columbus native, and I’m excited to be your wedding photographer! When people ask me how I got into photography, I can’t help but laugh and say “well.. kind of by accident, actually!” One interest led to another growing up and I found myself with a camera in my hand. I later found out my dad used to photograph weddings as well, so I like to think it’s also in my blood.

So here I am, chasing my dreams. The craziness of this job drives me, the challenges encourage me, and the rewards sustain me. Every day, I learn something new about being a business owner and how to better serve my clients. It’s probably the hardest and most challenging job I’ve ever had, but it’s also without a doubt the most rewarding.

This is my life’s work. This is my legacy. This is my passion.

I am a Buckeye football fanatic, self-proclaimed chef, major foodie, travel junkie, horseback rider, math nerd, bourbon cocktail enthusiast, avid sunset watcher, wanna-be Joanna Gaines, dad joke connoisseur, obsessive planner, rescue dog mom and a lover of fall.


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