I hope you all had a chance to read about Matt and Holly's proposal, because it's to die for. The romance and love was in full swing during this gorgeous fall day. These two said their vows in a beautiful, stained-glass church, had a colorful send off in a hot sports car that Matt couldn't put in drive (we don't talk about that, though), and then retreated to their reception with the grandest of grand bridal party entrances.

The entire night was so incredibly them. Matt and Holly were surrounded by people who loved their love story as much as they did. Family was ecstatic to welcome the other into their family, friends danced the night away to Backstreet Boys, among other favorites, and Matt and Holly couldn't have looked happier. I just love these two.

CEREMONY: Peace Lutheran Church // Columbus, OH
RECEPTION: Jefferson Country Club // Columbus, OH
SECOND SHOOTER: Stephanie Brann Photography // Columbus, OH


Matt and Holly,

You two are perfect. It has been so fun getting to know you two over the last several months. I've come to call you friends and not just clients. I hope that your marriage continues to grow into something as beautiful as your love is. You deserve the world. Thank you so much for allowing me to capture your big day.

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