When I was in high school, a friend of mine talked me into joining a recreational soccer team with her brother and some of his friends. I reluctantly agreed, and quickly learned how terrible I was at soccer. Despite my lacking abilities at dribbling, passing and shooting (because those are only minor skills, right?), I had a blast and loved my team; Matt was one of those people. Our soccer team grew close; close enough for another Matt (Holly's brother) to make a comment that would forever change his life: "You know, it would be kind of cool if my sister started dating one of you guys."

Next thing we knew, Matt and Holly were together. I hadn't seen Matt in years, as work took him and Holly out of state, but we remained friends on Facebook. Holly and Matt had been together several years and it wasn't long after I started wondering when they were going to get engaged that the most romantic proposal popped up on my news feed. Guys what I am about to tell you is every girl's dream, so pay attention.

Matt not only picked out the most perfect engagement ring (see below), but he orchestrated an entire day's worth of festivities for his soon-to-be-fiancé to enjoy before he dropped down on his knee to ask for her hand. The day consisted of a range rover, some time at the spa, lunch with girlfriends, shopping (for a dress), and fun crafting activities. To help Holly move from one activity to another, Matt wrote her little love starting with one under her pillow that morning. The love notes talked about when they first met, how much he loves her, how he can't wait to marry her... I mean come on! It doesn't get more romantic than this.

As the day started winding down, it was time for Holly to meet Matt. The place that Matt chose to propose was beautiful, but also had major sentimental value. It was the place that Matt first told Holly that he loved her, so he thought it only appropriate that it be the same place he told her that he wanted to love her, for the rest of his life. On a cold evening, nearing the holidays, Matt got down on one knee at the Scioto Mile, dressed to the nines, with candles and roses to help set the mood. With nothing but a "Yes" standing in between him and his almost-fiancé, he asked. Does a girl really need to think about saying yes to something like that?!

I had never shot at Scioto Audubon before, but when Holly suggested it, I was so excited! We had the perfect night with some amazing evening light. Matt and Holly, you two are so perfect for each other. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know both of you better of the last several months and I am so thrilled to be shooting your wedding this fall!