Where do I even begin with this one... So I unashamedly solicit wedding photography gigs via friends on Facebook. Since I'm at the age now where everyone and their mother seems to be getting engaged, whenever I see a new engagement, congratulations, or a creative "will you be my bridesmaid" proposal, you can most certainly find me in the comments section.

So a friend from high school posted about her best friend getting engaged and how excited she was to be the Maid of Honor. Jokingly, I wrote "If she needs a wedding photographer... (;" and then next thing I know, I'm Skyping with Lyndsey and Joe chatting wedding photography details.

I think Lyndsey and I connected right away, and I'm not sure why, but I felt it. Since Lyndsey and Joe booked several months in advance, we had time to text and email to really get to know each other. Lyndsey would send me Pinterest ideas, I would advise her on some wedding details, and the cycle continued until one day, Lyndsey and I connected on one of the most important things: our testimony. 

After that, I think it was pretty much official that we were going to make a great team, but she wouldn't stop there. In the weeks leading up to the wedding, she sent her balance in ahead of time, emailed me a branded wedding timeline complete with all vendors names and contacts, as well as the entire bridal party's contact information, ya know, in case of emergency.

Upon arrival on the morning of her wedding, we greeted each other with a hug as if we were old friends. Next thing she does was pull out any and every thing a photographer could possibly want to photograph pertaining to her wedding day. This girl was KILLIN' it.

As if that wasn't enough, Lyndsey also made her own bouquet. Yep, just go ahead and scroll down and check that bad boy out. At this point, I told her I was hiring her to be my wedding planner, florist and whatever else she decided to surprise and impress me with throughout the day. I also may or may not have recruited one of her bridesmaids for my own wedding because she was a wildly good time (I'm looking at you Katey).

But the day wasn't about doing a job; it was about capturing one of the truest love stories I have ever had to privilege to be a part of. The day that Lyndsey and Joe got engaged, Lyndsey began writing in a journal daily, documenting all of the things she loved about Joe. She gifted him the journal and a brand new watch on their wedding day.

You could just see by the way they looked at each other that these two were so in love, and had Christ at the center of their marriage. The laughter and the looks, the dances and the tears... every piece of their wedding day was so incredibly beautiful.

The rest of their day ended in a wild dance party, both on the dance floor and the patio. We lucked out with perfect weather (thank you, bridesmaids, for praying like crazy for no rain!), managed to get through a wedding cake meltdown (literally... it's okay to joke about now that it's behind us), and gathered hilarious confessions of a teenage drama queen... or so I've heard.

The Fortunato wedding was certainly one for the books!

CEREMONY: The Chapel // Akron, OH
RECEPTION: Heritage Barn // Stow, OH
SECOND SHOOTER: Stephanie Brann Photography // Columbus, OH

Lyndsey and Joe,

Thank you doesn't even begin to explain my appreciation for you, both as clients and as friends. You two truly have had an impact on my life, both personally and professionally and I feel as if I've known you for years. Your wedding was so beautiful and I hope you love your wedding pictures and cherish them for years to come.

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