When Arielle and Erik first saw my work, it was because I had just photographed friends of theirs several months before when they got engaged. Arielle reached out to me and booked a consultation with me. Sitting an Panera, I saw this extremely happy girl walk in and I knew it was Arielle; she told me Erik was on his way, so I just asked her a little bit about her, just to kill some time.

Once Erik arrived, I began my typical line of questions that I start every consultation with. They told me how they met, and then when I asked "How did he propose?" they both looked at each other and giggled, saying "Do you want to tell her?" "No, you tell her." I was so confused... Then Arielle looked at me and said "We're not even engaged yet..."

Wait, what? I had to ask more questions. It turns out as soon as they met each other they knew they were going to be together forever. Wedding planning had already begun (they even booked their venue and Arielle bought her dress before she even had talked to me), and Erik was planning the perfect proposal.

I was so flattered that they were so excited to book a photographer, they did it before he even had a ring. That's definitely a first for me! So then, about a month later, I received an email from Arielle asking to go ahead and schedule engagement photos. When I asked her where she was thinking, she told me "Inniswoods Gardens. That's where Erik proposed." I was so excited and asked about all the details. Erik is a musician, and wrote her a song he sang to her during his proposal. He also had pictures of them hung all over the intimate garden setting. How romantic, right?!

Well the day finally came for engagement photos. It was beautiful all day and then about 30 minutes before we were supposed to head over to Inniswoods, rain cut loose. We called off the pictures. About 10 minutes later, everything appeared to clear up, and Arielle called me back, eagerly asking to still do the pictures. I agreed, and I'm so happy I did.