Geeta and I went to high school together. We went to a school of almost 3,000 students, though, so her and I never really interacted until a school trip brought us closer. In high school, we were both in Spanish class. Every year, the Spanish teachers take a select number of students to a Spanish-speaking country. This particular year, they chose Spain, and Geeta and I both signed up. So after spending ten days abroad with minimal other familiar faces, Geeta and I have always stayed in touch. Even more so, during our senior year of high school, we had some mutual friends who spent time together often on the soccer field (don't let this fool you, I was by NO means a soccer player), so we ran into each other at get togethers after high school.

Fast forward a few years, Jake and Geeta met in 2013 at Wellspring Weight loss camps where they worked for the summer. Each of them were coaches during the summer and connected immediately as friends. Jake's persistence made Geeta like him even more, and they finally began dating.

The first time I met Jake was when he attended a wedding of a previous client's of mine as Geeta's date in 2015. They had been together for awhile at this point, but weren't yet engaged. When they finally got engaged, wedding planning began and they decided to get married in Boston, where Jake's family is from. Not realizing that wedding photographers LOVE to travel for weddings, Geeta was searching for someone in Boston to photograph their wedding. After not much luck, she messaged me one day and asked if I would be interested in going to Boston Memorial Day weekend to photograph their wedding. DUH!

So there I was, in Boston on Memorial Day weekend. I flew in the day before and my mom and I spent some time in downtown Boston on a dreary and cold Friday. I won't lie, I started to get really worried about the weather for the wedding the next day. I went to visit the venue with Geeta and Jake and absolutely fell in love. I stalked the weather for the next several hours... they were calling for rain and cold weather every single day I was there, EXCEPT for Saturday. I couldn't believe it!

I woke up Saturday morning to a beautiful, warm day. Geeta had shared some details with me throughout her planning, but I couldn't have imagined the day coming together any better than it did. Jake and Geeta's day was truly "them." Every detail was chosen with care and the entire day was a huge celebration. Everything had a story. Geeta was allergic to flowers and loved music, hence the paper bouquets she made herself. Obviously no flowers limits centerpiece options, but Jake's sister is a wonderful artist who hand-crafted paper maché-like centerpieces for their reception. The jewelry Geeta wore on her wedding was all made by a family member.

The ceremony was equally as beautiful and unique, bringing together two families from different backgrounds with unique stories of their own. Before the ceremony got started, Jake and Geeta paused for a selfie opportunity, giving all the guests a good laugh. Jake's family is Jewish, so many Jewish traditions were incorporated. Geeta is Indian, but was adopted at a very young age, so much of her adoption story was told during the ceremony. Jake's dad officiated the ceremony, key friends and family members gave heartfelt speeches, and they ended the ceremony with a loud "Mazel tov," and walked back down the aisle to a bubble exit. Then the party began!

Their food stations for dinner including "Chicken and Waffles" and "Fenway/Boston" inspired food gave guests plenty of variety. The caterer/coordinator also had the most beautiful set up I have ever seen. The rest of the night was filled with tons of dancing, the "horah" (The Jewish chair dance), and killer dance moves. I've never seen so many people on a dance floor at once, and I was concerned we were going to break the floor... no, but seriously.

Between the weather, the venue, the vendors, and the couple, this wedding was everything I could have asked for. Geeta and Jake, thank you so much for inviting me to Boston, for your hospitality during my stay, and for allowing me the privilege of capturing your wedding day. I hope you two cherish these photos forever. You two were a dream to work with and I can't wait to see where life's adventures take you next!

Big thanks to the vendors who made this happen!

Caterer: Jules Catering
Florist: the bride!
Venue: Endicott Estate
Coordination: Bobby Spano
Baker: Wilson's Farm
Invitations: Vistaprint
Wedding Dress: Sophia Tolli
Bridesmaids Dresses: Azazie
Groomsmen Attire: Men's Warehouse
DJ: Laura Ingals
Hair: Tradewins Hair Salon
Makeup: Courtney Tyson and Whitney Lashley
Decorator: Molly Blumberg and Robin Hasenfeld