I first met Alex last fall when we worked together for Krista and Jeff’s wedding. She was their wedding planner, and may I just say that this girl knocked it OUT OF THE PARK. She was such a pleasure to work with and helped Krista’s vision really come to life. So naturally, when I started compiling a list of vendors I wanted to feature on my blog, Alex was at the top of my list.

Alex has always been interested in weddings, and thought to herself “if this is something that people do, I want to do it.” So she started talking to advisors in college to try and push her in the right direction. Originally, her advisor told her to go after a public relations degree. When she transferred to Ohio State, however, they didn’t have that degree, so her advisor recommended hospitality management. 

The program was unique in the way that every student was required to have three internships: one in the restaurant/catering industry, one in the event industry, and one in the hotel industry. She also intentionally chose event-driven classes for all of her electives. With such a broad background, she adds value to her services from her extensive knowledge and experience. She also shadowed many planners throughout her academic career and early on, so she has a wholesome understanding of weddings, beginning to end. And that’s what makes her good at her job.

But what makes her GREAT at her job is her heart. Alex cares so much about her brides as people and wants to become friends more than anything with her couples. She will literally stop at nothing to make sure your day is exactly how you imagined (and more). While she does take her business seriously, she has the flexibility and freedom to take on as few or as many weddings as she wants. Because her business is not her family’s primary source of income, she can give her couples all of the attention they deserve.

So upon graduating with her bachelor’s in hospitality management with a minor in business, she knew she wanted to be her own boss. In that same year, she got engaged AND married. So with her first wedding under her belt, she incorporated as an LLC and began her wedding planning career as One Weddings in 2016!

Currently, she is a one-woman-show, although she does have a lot of help from her family on wedding days, which she is very thankful for. She also approaches her business and structure with the mindset to make sure a wedding coordinator isn’t out of reach for any bride. She knows that often times brides want and need the help, so she has created several different packages that fit the needs and budget of brides across all spectrums.

Alex offers free consultations and loves the opportunity to sit down with brides and gain and understanding of what they need, so she can recommend what is the best fit. She also can create custom packages for any wedding.

Her services range from hourly coordination to fully involved, beginning-to-end planning. Her price point can be as low as $125/hour to $2,500 for all-inclusive packages. One thing that really sets her apart from the rest is that aside from her hourly package, all other services are unlimited hours, include assistance with developing a timeline and she provides vendor recommendations based on your needs. She can do as little or as much as you want and need, and really enjoys the creative license that some brides give her to just make their vision come to life.

Alex has helped to coordinate and plan nearly 25 weddings since her start just two years ago, and has worked with wedding budgets ranging from $4,000 to over $60,000. With Alex, nothing is impossible. From our time together and hearing her tell so many stories, I can tell you this:

If there is one person I would want at my wedding, it would be her.

She has saved the day countless times. From getting a rental tent moved last-minute, to intercepting over-bearing mothers, her only goal is to make your day perfect. And she LOVES what she does. She has coached maid of honors from the brink of panic, to saving a bouquet toss from crashing into the ceiling. She makes sure no one in the bridal party is chewing gum during the ceremony and that hair ties are off your wrists during pictures. She is professional boutonniere-pinner and cake-cutting coach.

She believes that the bride should never know what is going wrong on her wedding day, and she has no problem being the person to have the hard conversations if something needs fixing. Literally, whatever you need, she is there.

Coming from a person who didn’t wholly understand the importance of a wedding planner, I can now see it. While many vendors are the big-picture type, she sees all of the details. She is the logistical champion and can anticipate problems before they ever happen. She has a back up plan for the back up plan. As your coordinator, she pulls together all of the individual pieces to make it a working whole, which takes all of the stress out of your wedding day. She serves as the point-of-contact for questions and problems on your wedding day and collaborates with vendors to align everyone’s own timeline. Just imagine a line of defense for all problems on your wedding day. Alex is your girl.

Website: www.oneweddings.net