Dear bride,

Trust me when I say that I know the biggest cloud hanging over your head (I couldn't resist that pun) during your wedding planning is the fact that it could, and very well might rain on your wedding day. Here's a few helpful tips to helping you prepare yourself for a rainy wedding day (and I promise, it's not the end of the world).

1. Realize that it is - indeed - a possibility. I Googled how many days a year it rains in Columbus, OH. 88 days. 88 out of 365(ish) days, meaning there's a 24% chance it could rain. And guess what? March-August are the real dampers, which happens to be peak of wedding season for most brides. My advice is this: go into your wedding planning with the hope of a perfect wedding day, sunshine and all. However, don't get your hopes so high that if it rains, your entire day will be ruined. Because that is an unhealthy mindset to have. I always tell my brides, "at the end of the day, you'll still be married, and that's all that matters."

2. Have a rain plan for your ceremony, if it's outdoors. Many brides get married outdoors at venues, which is great! I prefer natural lighting any day of the week. However, an outdoor ceremony should certainly have an indoor backup plan. If your venue doesn't have a separate space, brides will just move the ceremony with bridal party inside to the dance floor area and have the guests remain seated at their tables. Whatever your solution is, just make sure it's in place, because a last minute "Hail Mary" to move a huge ceremony indoors will do several things:

  • It will delay your ceremony, which won't make guests happy.
  • It will cut into your photo timeline, especially if your ceremony is already close to sunset. Your photographer can do a lot of things, but they cannot raise the sun back into the sky for more photos.
  • It will cause everyone important to bring all hands on deck, ruining attire, hair, and attitudes for the rest of the day.
  • It will STRESS. YOU. OUT.

3. Trust your photographer. If you are one of my clients, you know that you hired me because of my style. My style is bright and airy and fresh. If you look through my portfolio, there is but one image that was taken outdoors. You hired me because you love my work. So, if I ask you to trust me and go outside in the rain, please let me work. I say this with tons of experience and having shot many, many weddings before. Often times brides are concerned about getting their dress dirty or muddy or wet. I can certainly look for places that won't require you to move through dirt and mud, but I can also tell you with 100% certainty that by the end of the night, your dress will be dirty on the bottom from walking around on the floors. There's nothing you can do to avoid it. So bite the bullet, trust your photographer, and go dance in the rain a little! You only get married once!

4. Consider doing a first look. I love first looks for many reasons, but one huge reason is because if you opt to do a first look, you're giving yourself many more options on times to take photos. Let's say your ceremony starts at 4:30, sun goes down at 7, and a giant rain storm is heading your way at 5:15. If you don't want to do pictures in the rain, by opting to do a first look (around 3 or 3:30 usually), you now give yourself timing beforehand to do pictures. Or let's say it's the other way around. Let's say you want to do the first look, but the rain is coming at 3. Now you have time to wait for it to pass, and do pictures following the ceremony, assuming the rain has stopped. Either way, opting for a first look gives you so much more flexibility on when and where to do your pictures, if rain is a possibility (which it always is).

5. Have fun! I cannot stress this enough. This is your WEDDING DAY and the entire day should be fun. Don't let a little drizzle rain on your parade (haha.. get it?). Enjoy these pictures of some people who had rainy wedding days, trusted their photographer, and went with the flow. These are some of my favorite pictures, too, because they tell the story of their wedding day, exactly as it happened.

Proof that a little rain never stopped a party :)

Proof that a little rain never stopped a party :)