Ben and I have known each other for several years now. We met back in 2013 when we were in the small small group at a church in Pickerington. A bunch of young 20-somethings all connected right away, and we still stay in touch to this day. When Ben reached out to me in early August, I had a feeling it was for a good reason... He had been dating this girl for 6 months or so and seemed to be getting pretty serious.

So when he asked me to photograph their proposal, I was ecstatic, especially for him. Ben has such a big heart, and this girl seemed to be his perfect counterpart. I had never met Rachel, so I was excited for the proposal to have the opportunity to meet her.

Ben and Rachel worked and lived in different cities, so it was only on the weekends they saw each other. Ben had already asked for her parent's permission, unbeknownst to Rachel. His plan was originally to propose at Dawe's Arboretum out in Millersport, and he went as far as to drive out there and scout locations (complete with pictures and diagrams) for the proposal. After making some calls, we discovered due to another event it wasn't going to work. We came together to draft a new plan and he proposed Frank Fetch Park in German Village.

Ben, once again, sent me diagrams and pictures from a visit he made to scout out perfect picture locations. We choreographed the entire proposal through the park and were ready to go. The day of, I arrived early to double check our plan and text him the "go ahead." Since Rachel had never met me, I was just supposed to act like a local student taking pictures of flowers and such at the gardens. I kept a tight eye on them and discretely photographed them until he got down on one knee.

Rachel was so excited, and then put two and two together as to why I was there taking pictures. After "she said yes!" I went up and introduced myself and gave her a hug. I could see that her and Ben were perfect together.

Afterwards, we walked around the neighborhood for some post-engagement pictures. Ben + Rachel, I am so excited for the two of you. I wish you the happiest of months of wedding planning, and an even better marriage thereafter. Thank you for letting me be a part of such a monumental moment in your lives.