JD and I met way back in high school. I think we had a few classes together, but the one I remember most was chemistry. Our teacher was relatively mediocre, so much of the students bonded over comparing notes, asking each other questions, and shooting "the look" when the teacher said something ridiculous. JD and I were a year apart in school so we lost touch once I graduated high school, but as fate has it, The Ohio State University communications major brought us back together! It was during that time that he told me about a girl he started dating. This is where their story begins.

How they met: Long story short, these two lovebirds are one of the few Tinder success stories.

How Kayla describes her hubs: JD is the most loving, hardworking, and sweetest person. He can make me laugh no matter how my day has gone or how sour my mood my be. He challenges me every day to be a better person not only at work but at home. He has come so far in his job and I am extremely proud of him, he never gives up no matter how hard something may be. I think that is one of the things that I love most about him is that he never gives up and is always willing to work on being better even if its something small.

How JD describes his fiancé: Kayla is a very kind an loving person. She is beautiful and has the prettiest blue eyes I have ever seen! She is easy going but knows when to get serious and wrok really hard. I am very pround of all her accomplishments as a nurse and can't wait to see that caring and compassion carry over when we start a family of our own. (Other than the pet family we have already started). The thing I love most about Kayla is that she just gets me and I get her and I think that is a very rare thing to find!

I can't wait for their wedding this May in Norwalk, OH!