Naomi and Michael were referred to me by a friend of theirs. Once meeting them, it was obvious how crazy they were about each other and it made me even more excited to document their love story! They booked early this year and will be getting married on a very popular date: 8-18-18!

How they met: Naomi and Michael have known each other for about six years now. They met at a previous job, where they worked together briefly. Naomi says it wasn't until about two years of knowing each other that they decided to become more acquainted. Neither wanted to date at the time, but somehow found themselves always wanting to be together. On a nice summer night while walking through they park, they decided that they wanted to be together. The rest is history.

How Naomi describes her hubs: There are no words for how amazing and determined Michael is in life. Michael is constantly on the go helping anyone and everyone without ever thinking of himself. He is the most down to earth, caring man there is. When I see Michael I see my world - a world I could not live in if he wasn't here. To be able to wake up to his handsome face every morning is the best start to my day. I look into his ocean blue eyes and I fall more and more in love with him each day. What I did to deserve such an amazing man? With all my heart I can't wait to be Mrs. Welch! Michael is my world, he is the love of my life.

How Michael describes his fiancé: Naomi is smart, charismatic, warmhearted and above all as beautiful as a rainbow. Naomi surprises me every day with her determination to succeed and her ability to overcome obstacles even under the worst circumstances. Her beauty is like no other. Naomi's smile makes my heart melt, her eyes are mesmerising, and her personality is warm and lovable. I love naomi with all my heart. for now and for always. Naomi is my perfect bride.

I can't wait for their wedding this August at Brookshire!