Dear Brides,

Consider me a friend. Consider me a resource. Consider me someone who is as invested as you in making your day beautiful. I love showing up on wedding days and gushing over the details you spent hours choosing, arranging and creating.

I know you have a vision, but sometimes knowing where to start can be an ominous task. That's what I'm here for! Having shot 70+ weddings, I've seen a lot of things, worked with a lot of people, and taken a lot of notes.

My goal is to help you make your day exactly what you imagined, with the least amount of work, so you can enjoy these last few months as a single woman.

When you hire me, you'll have access to resources like:

  • Bridal Guide packed with 40+ pages of information and inspiration photos
  • A custom photo wedding timeline catered to your needs
  • Access to a list of preferred and trusted wedding vendors
  • Several "touch bases" before your wedding, including a final questionnaire that helps me gather all of the final details for your wedding
  • Blog series dedicated to answering questions of brides, just like you!
  • An exclusive Facebook group of past and current Inphinite brides where you can ask questions, buy/sell wedding decor, and more!